Diarmaid believes that a major key to Kuliza’s growth is to get great people, build a culture of fun, learning and responsibility, and watch them grow and outperform their peers. He is the Chief People Officer at Kuliza and is responsible for culture and HR.

Growing up playing sports, smashing rackets, and scoring some goals led to an early interest in behaviour and rewards and valuing the importance of performance and incentives. He is excited about the bigger impact games can have on culture, behaviours, motivation and decision making in communities and society, and how to integrate gamification into culture and society.

Diarmaid was born in 3 countries, and after graduating with a BA from University College Dublin he moved to a 4th to complete an MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology from the Institute of Work, Health & Organisations, University of Nottingham. Here he met his future wife and followed her to India a few years later.

He spends as much time as possible reading books, articles and blogs covering fiction, history, psychology and economics to try and understand human behaviour. He believes in style and beauty – Roger Federer’s exquisite strokes, Barcelona’s tiki-taka, and Nabokov’s rhetoric

He is an exercise fanatic, runner, swimmer, footballer and tennis player. He is an incorrigible traveler who has spent holidays attending football matches across South America to Europe and Asia. He looks for a mix of history, culture and outdoor activities, but his biggest weakness is for cities where seafood is celebrated. He likes his coffee strong, his chocolate dark, and his Thai food plentiful.


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