A Case Study of SCVNGR’s Game Layer

Mashable has written a case study on SCVNGR’s campaign with the restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings. The campaign ran for 3 weeks leading up to March Madness.

BWW partnered with SCVNGR to add a competitive game layer to make every visit to the restaurants more fun and engaging. It started with 3 challenges and as players accumulated points they could redeem them for rewards (for e.g. free Coca Cola).  When the challenges were completed players then leveled-up and were allowed to create their own challenges, allowing them to become participants in the game. Apart from sharing scores and photos on SCVGNR, a leaderboard showed the points total for users on a national level, with the winners getting tickets to the NBA finals.

The game was a basic application of game mechanics, focusing on providing extrinsic motivators to players. In my view, this type of game with the same level of rewards will become repetitive pretty quickly. For any game it is important to reduce the value of extrinsic rewards and increase the intrinsic rewards, allowing players to improve their mastery and keeping them engaged. However for BWW and it was a big success, with over 184,000 unique players, 1 in 3 returning to play, and over 100 million social impressions on Facebook and Twitter. So successful that they are starting another game, Flavour Fantastic Challenge.